Friday, 29 June 2012

Writing Tips

Plan 1

  • *First, make sure that you are in a quiet and comfortable place, so that you will be not be distracted.
  • *If necessary, you can let the TV or your favourite music playing on, so that you can get more ideas on what you’re going to write about.

Plan 2.

  • *You will need a piece of paper to write on and a biro, or a pencil. If you plan to write by using your computer, feel free to do so. It will be much easier to write using Microsoft Word.
  • Don’t start writing at once! At first, you won’t know what you will be writing about, because you may have a lot of ideas.
  • So, if necessary, write some points!

Plan 3.

  • Now, after you start writing, don't worry about the title.
  • Keep writing till you finish the story (or whatever you are writing) and think about the title when you finish it.
  • *If while writing, you keep thinking about a lot of titles, write them down so you’ll decide at the end.

Plan 4.

  • *If you find it hard to continue writing as soon as you reach in the middle of your story, as you can’t think of something suitable, DON’T GIVE UP!!!
  • *Keep thinking, but if you still can’t  think of something suitable, leave it for an other day.
  • *Read your work again. If necessary, read it more than once and continue working on it.  

Plan 5.

  • *Your writing work is ready. I suggest that you read it once more, to check if there are some mistakes. If there are, make sure to correct them!
  • If you are writing a poem, make sure that the words ryhme with each other.
  • If you’re using Microsoft word, DO NOT ADD PICTURES, because if someone will be able to read it, it will be much more fun that the person will imagine it. It’s like he/she is reading a book.

Plan 6.

  • *Now, that everything’s ready, I’m sure that you’re so eager to show it to your family and friends.
  • *That’s right, DO IT!!
  • I suggest that first you show it to the most person that you’re close to.

Plan 7.

  • If the person that reads your writing work doesn’t seem to like it at all, don’t worry.
  • Respect others’ opinions. It may be that the person has read it in a bad time and may need more time to read it again.
  • *Don’t worry, others will like it for sure!!
  • *Remember! You will have several opinions and ideas about your work, so be grateful.
  • You might use others’ ideas later on.


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