1). Q. What are you studying?
      A. I'm studying languages.

2). Q. When did you start writing?
      A. I started when I was 15, in the summer of 2010.

3). Q. What got you into writing?
      A. My mum loves to write poems, so she's the first who got me inspired. Reading helped me get into writing as well. It helped me imagine and create my own stories. I also got interested in screenwriting.

4). Q. What do you enjoy writing most?
      A. Well it's difficult to say, but I enjoy writing poems and scripts. Well, to write a novel or a script it will take much time to finish and writing a poem won't take long. I think I prefer more writing a poem, because when I have nothing to do, I grab a paper and start scribbling points down.

5). Q. Which is your favourite poem you write so far? And why?
      A. Well of course it's "London Bridge." I wrote in an emotional and realistic way. Its main themes are war and love; how much love is important and how we have to respect others amongst us and love those important to us, because only death can seperate us.

6). Do your family and friends support you?
Yes, of course :D

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments.

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